This article will provide you with updates and answers regarding the eBay Store update.

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eBay are bringing in these changes to make Stores more secure and give them better SEO. These changes will also make Stores more mobile friendly and improve merchandising options.

These Store changes will begin May 2017 and continue through 2019.

If you currently have listings, the only change to your existing listings will be a link to your Storefront will appear on the 'View item page'.
If you have 'Good 'til cancelled' listings, they will be renewed under the new Store listing fee structure.
If you decide to close your eBay store your fixed duration and Good 'til cancelled listings will remain active. However, they will be subject to the non-store fee structure.
Frooition eBay Storefront users will experience a URL change in June 2018.

This change will update the URL to HTTPS://’StoreName’

This change is to ensure that your existing Stores experience complies with new security requirements and is HTTPS compliant.

Business and personal contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and links to sites off-eBay are not permitted anywhere on eBay. This includes Store pages, listing pages, and other member-created content.

If you wish to provide your customer service contact details for post-transaction support, you can use of off-eBay’s features that make the required contact information available when the buyers use “Contact Seller”. This feature can be opted into by accessing “Manage communication with buyers” in your eBay account settings
Nothing! eBay will automatically update everybody that uses Stores. If you use Frooition Storefront then it may take a little longer than regular eBay Storefronts, but rest assured, your Store will be updated. This is because of the schedule eBay has laid out in regards to Storefront updates.