Configure your Frooition account to use the correct tags

  1. To do this navigate to Frooition > eBay Tools > Listing Profiles and create a new profile.
  2. At "Stage 1" select Third party option, and choose "InkFrog" from the drop down menu.
  3. Give the profile a name (Inkfrog Template, for example) and click 'Start'.
  4. Do NOT add any inventory data on "Stage 2", simply continue to "Stage 3".
  5. Click the GET CODE option, and copy the code given.

Installing the template into InkFrog

  • Log into your InkFrog account and go to ¬†DESIGNS > CUSTOM TEMPLATES and click on Create New.

  • Enter a Template Name and ensure that Template Type is set to Advanced. Paste the template code from Frooition into the Template Body text box, then click Save Template.

  • To apply the Frooition design to your listings, go to the LISTINGS¬†section.

  • Edit one of your listings, scroll down to the Template section and click the "Choose a Standard Template" button.¬†

  • Select the custom template you have just created and click "Select Template".

Your Frooition Template is now setup and ready to use.