You can easily create promotion boxes to appear on your storefront from within your Frooition account.

  • Storefront promotion boxes are managed from the eBay tab > Branded Store Front:

  • Select 'eBay Promo' from the eBay store design section. Then you'll need to select 'Create New Promo Box':

  • Once you have selected 'Create New Promo Box' there are lots of options to select from.
    • Enter the title of promo box & select if you want it to show the title on the page.
    • Choose the layout design you want to use.
    • Select the listing format, how to filter products and how many products to include in the promo box,
      • Alternatively, you can add individual eBay item ID numbers to be included in the promo box.
    • You will need to save the promo box before you can preview.

  • Once you have saved the promo box you will see it appears in the drop down selection at the top of the page.

  • To place the promo box onto a page you can do it by dragging and dropping into the preselected sections as described below:

This video will show you the above steps in real time: