Listing with Business Policies

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Business policies are a great time saver when listing to eBay.

  • Define policies for your shipping, payment and return policies once and apply them to your listings whenever you list.
  • Create policies that you use most often and make them your default for new listings.
  • Manage all your policies from one central location without having to update each listing.

Time is saved and errors reduced when using business policies and this great feature is available to all users of the Frooition listing tool.

Getting Started

The creation and management of business policies are done through your eBay account. Go to the Manage business policies page under My eBay > Account. From this page, you can create new policies and edit existing ones. Once you are happy the policies can be imported into your Frooition account for use with the listing tool.

Importing policies into your Frooition account

In order for the listing tool to use your policies, they must first be imported into your Frooition account. Navigate to eBay > Settings and click the eBay tab found on the page. Locate the business policies section as shown in the image below.

Selecting Enable Business Policies will import any policies that you have created within your eBay account. Information about the imported policies is displayed and includes,

This indicates what type of policy has been created and can be either Payment, Return or Shipping.

The unique name that you have given the policy.

An optionally entered description of the policy.

An unique identifier assigned by eBay.

Policies flagged with Default will be the default policy used by the listing tool.

If you make any changes to your policies you can ensure that your Frooition account is up to date by clicking at any time.

Listing with Business Policies

Business policies are used during Stage 6 (Pricing & Shipping) of the Frooition listing tool. In the normal course of listing a profile, you are required to enter information in the following sections.

  • Postage & Packaging
  • Payment Types Accepted
  • Returns Policy

A lot of information is normally required in these sections and you will find that you are constantly entering the same information. For example, you may use the same domestic shipping services for the majority of your listings or that your return policy never changes.

To show how useful business policies are the image below is an example of the type of information that you may have to enter in the Returns Policy section.

After enabling business policies the amount of information you have to enter is reduced to a single field where you simply select a policy that will be applied to the listing. Note that the system will have automatically chosen a policy that has been flagged as Default and that you a free to choose any other policy before listing the item.

As you can see this speeds up the listing process and reduces the chance of errors being introduced by entering the wrong information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have created a new business policy in my eBay account but I can't see it in Frooition?
New policies are not automatically available in Frooition. If any are missing you need to navigate to eBay > Settings and click the eBay tab found on the page. Clicking located in the Business Policies section will import your latest policies.

I wish to stop using business policies.
Simply ensure that the Enable Business Policies option is not selected and the listing tool will revert back to using the original fields during Stage 6 (Pricing & Shipping).

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