Find and Replace links using eBay Selling Manager

Modified on Tue, 12 Dec 2017 at 04:39 PM

This article uses HTTPS:// as an example.

Before you change any HTTP:// links to HTTPS:// please check your server supports this change.

This article will run you through how to find un-secure links and replace them with secure links using the eBay Selling Manager. 

This is in conjunction with eBays new 'Links Policy', you can read more about it here: eBay browser security standards.

There is a video at the base of this article if you wish to view it now, click here.

  • After logging on to eBay You'll need to hover over 'My eBay' and select 'Selling' from the drop down list:

  • When you are on this page, you'll need to select which listings you want to edit. You can do this manually or by selecting all by clicking the highlighted tick box. When this is done click 'Edit' and select 'Edit selected' from the drop down menu.
    • Alternatively, if you want to select all listings to edit you will need to select 'Edit all ** listings' in the 'Edit' drop down menu (the ** is replaced by your total number of listings).

  • You will need to re-select the listings you want to edit in this section, these selected listings will be changed in the next few steps.

  • When you've selected all listings you wish to change, you'll need to click 'Edit fields', and from the resulting drop down menu select 'Item description'.

  • You'll see this page next, simply select 'Edit listings in bulk - find and replace' from the drop down menu, this selection will change the layout of the text box.

  • In the 'Find' text box you'll need to input http:// (or any other text you wish to locate in your selected listings).
    • Next, you can input https:// in the 'Replace with' (or any other text you wish to replace the located text with).
      • Once you have done this you'll need to proceed by clicking 'Save and close'

  • When you've completed the steps listed above, you'll be able to preview your listing with the changes implemented.
    • Don't worry, you'll need to confirm all changes before they get published to your live listings

  • Click 'Submit changes', this is located at the bottom of the page, to the left-hand side.

  • This is the confirmation pop up that will appear when you have clicked the Submit changes, as above.
    • You'll see the number of listings that have been edited & the cost. The cost will always be 0.00 when performing find and replace in this manner.
      • Click 'Confirm and submit' to apply all the changes you have just made!

  • This is a confirmation of what you have just confirmed in the previous step.
    • Clicking 'OK' will return you to the My eBay Selling Manager page, all the changes made are now live to all your listings!

This video will show you the steps taken above but in real time. Please be aware, the more listings you select to edit, the longer it will take.

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