From June 2017 eBay has banned active content from listings. This has been done for many reasons, the main ones being optimising performance (both on mobile and desktop) and improve the shopping experience.

This means item descriptions will no longer be able to contain JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins & form actions. 

Frooition is working with this policy and providing our users with 'Active Content Free' templates. The Cross Promotion/Cross Sell feature that Frooition implements doesn't use any active content so this is also compliant with this eBay update.

If you use a 3rd party listing tool (eg. ChannelAdvisor, SixBit, LinnWorks, Etc) then you will need to double check your listings are active content free.

You can use this free tool to check your full listing database or individual listings: i-ways active content & mobile checker

If you do happen to have active content in your listings such as video, the buyer will not be able to view it. Non-active content, such as plain text, HTML5 & CSS, will still be visible in your item description.

If you need any help, or guidance in relation to active content, either removing or finding an alternative please contact us using our ticket system and we will be more than happy to help.

You can check the other policy changes eBay has made recently here.