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Modified on Tue, 17 Jul 2018 at 10:56 AM

eBay have released another stage of their 'Product Based Shopping Experience', otherwise known as PSBE. You can see what items have been included in the eBay catalog update in this article.

Note - You will only have this new feature if your listings have been included in the eBay catalog. If you don't sell any of those items then you won't have to do anything different at the moment.

The first step for this process is to have your new O-Auth token link completed - you can see how to do this in this article.

You will only see this section if you have items that need to be brought into line with PBSE. You can click 'View Report' to be taken to the report where you can rectify your live listings.

You will now see the 'Listing Compliance Report' section. Here you can see all of your live listings that need updating. The column breakdown is as follows:

  1. Listing ID - This is the unique eBay listing ID that relates to the listing with an issue.
  2. Picture - This contains an image provided by eBay that best shows the item in your listing.
  3. Title - This is the title of your listing, this will have been created by you when you created the listing.
  4. Action Required - This shows what needs to be done to bring the listing into compliance.

If you click the 'Find product' button you will be given a pop-up that lets you find the correct item. While in this screen you can change the search criteria to make sure that you find the correct item, to make sure the item is 100% correct and matches you can click 'See Details'

This is the screen you will see if you click ' See Details'.

Once you have checked the item is correct you simply need to click the blue button 'Select & Update Listing'. This will fully update the listing, you'll see a 'Revising Item' graphic appear once you have selected the correct item.

Note - You don't have to wait for this to finish to progress to the next item.

You will see the message 'Success - Product info included in listing.'. This means that the listing is fully up to date with eBay's new PBSE.

This video will show you how to complete the above actions in real time:

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