In this article we will cover how to import listing profiles from a Turbo Lister Export CSV file. Our eBay listing software makes it easy for you to add your items to eBay hassle free.

Before you get started you will need to create a Turbo Lister CSV file. For information on Turbo Lister's export features please read this article: 

IMPORTANT: If your Turbo Lister export CSV file contains Fitments (Motor Parts Compatibility) do not open the file in Excel. If the fitment field quantity exceeds Excels maximum limit, Excel will corrupt the CSV format.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Turbo Lister export csv file will only contain one image for each item, Item Specifics, Variations and Motor Parts Compatibilities will be included.  

Here is a step by step guide on how to Import your Turbo Lister CSV file values:

1. From the top Menu Bar select eBay->Listings

2. From the Listing Profile Page Select Import from the navigation list at the top of the page.

3. Select the Import Method as Turbo Lister CSV 

4. Browse to your Turbo Lister export CSV file and click Next.

5. You can now check that the CSV field names match the import field names and make adjustments if required.

6. If you wish to prevent certain fields from being imported simple un-check the select boxes of the desired fields.   

5. To start the import process simply click the Import button

Once the import process is completed a message box is displayed that informs you how many listing profiles have been imported and if their where any errors. When you close the message box you will be able to view your listing profiles and edit them accordingly.

For instructions on using our listing tool please read this article:

For further help please view the Turbo Lister Import Tutorial video below: