Bulk Revision V2 - Understanding the filtering options

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2019 at 03:32 PM

This article will show you how the filtering options work on the new bulk Revision tool.

In order to navigate to the BR tool you'll need to either click eBay > Bulk Revision on the top ribbon or go to eBay > Overview then click the Bulk Revision button.

If you clicked the 'Overview' option, you'll need to scroll down and click 'Bulk Revision':

To start a new Bulk Revision job you'll need to click this 'New Revision' button in the top right box:

Once you are in this section you'll see this page:

These filtering options work together, if you apply na eBay Site filter, that will restrict the options in the other filters so that they only return listings that are in that eBay site. This works across all filtering options.

This section of the article will cover each of these numbered filtering options, simply click the header and the information will drop down!


This section allows you to filter your listings by what template/design they have currently got applied.

No Design = listings without any Frooition template/design currently applied
Root Design = listings with your default/original template/design currently applied (If you only have one template/design with us then this will be that one)
Apple / Samsung = listings that have templates/designs applied will fall under these choices (these will be the name a thumbnail of your multiple templates/designs, Apple and Samsung are examples)

You can select any number of these options. One use of this filtering section would be to apply a template/design to all of your listings that are currently without one. You would do this by simply clicking the 'No Design' options to pull in all of the listings without a template/design.

This section allows you to filter listings by which eBay site they are listed to.

The drop down box contains all of the different eBay sites that you have live listings in. For example this may contain UK, US, CAN, France. You just need to pick which eBay site listings you wish to revise.

Note: You can only pick one eBay Site at a time to revise.

This drop down box contains all of the listing types that you have live.

You just need to select what type of listing you wish to revise and move on.

Note: You can only pick one Listing Type at a time to revise.

This section contains all of the eBay categories that you currently list in.

This is a good filtering option if you need to update multiple of the same item type. An example might be updating the 'Item Description' of all items under the eBay Category 'Clothing. Shoes & Accessories:Men's Clothing:Shirts:T-Shirts' to say 'Brand new item - limited stock'.


5. Title Keyword Search

This section is a powerful search feature that allows you to use multiple search terms in order to pull back the exact items that you wish to revise.

You can enter a short sentence, single keyword or number. You can use as many keywords as you need to get the level of accuracy required.

To add a keyword enter the word you wish to filter by and click 'Add'
To remove a filter term, simply click the little 'X' icon on the filter term: 

This search function can be used to filter by Item specifics.

In this section you need to assign the value to the parent. An example would be BRAND=NIKE, or YEAR=2019.

You can only enter one term at a time, enter the full term and click 'Add':
Once you have added the term, you can remove it if you misspelled it or need to change the filter term by clicking the 'X':

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