eBay Design Subscription:

This fee covers the constant dynamic delivery of your custom design templates, including promo and custom boxes. Every time one of your products is viewed Frooition software dynamically delivers all CSS and graphics we also handle all the API calls, which give your store and listings the great professional look and feel through advanced design and functionality.

We also provide the following free of charge: 

  • Access to the Frooition Software Storefront Manager and listing tool.
  • Also included in this fee is a bandwidth allowance for the delivery of the code and graphics.

Please note that this fee does not cover:

  • Training to do with using Frooition or any other 3rd party software. Guaranteed responses to tickets, email and telephone when there is a problem with your store or listing template.
  • SEO integration work.
  • Free amends and repairs to your store or listing.
  • Update and upgrades.

The above are all chargeable events.

Prepaid 6/12 month subscriptions are non-refundable.

Subscriptions are subject to our Terms of Business.