Adding Varitions into a Custom CSV File

Modified on Mon, 26 Nov 2018 at 11:32 AM

With our eBay listing software you can easily export your listing profiles to a CSV file where you can amend, edit and create your listing profiles using a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets  

With the exception of variations and item specifics all other listing field values are easily amended by changing the relevent field values and then importing the file. Variations and Item specifics require a specific field format.

In this article, we will cover how to add and amend your Variations with a Custom CSV Export file.

IMPORTANT: It is important to note removing a complete listing or its relationship and relationship values from your CSV file will not remove it from the listing when your CSV is imported. Complete Listing Profiles, Variations and Motors Parts Compatibilities can only be removed with the Frooition listing software. 

New Listing Profiles, Variations, and Motor Parts Compatibilities can be added to the CSV file and these will be imported. If you amend variation values in your CSV file we recommend you remove the varitions in the listing tool by clicking 'Reset Product variations' at Stage 5.

Creating and Amending Variations

This section will cover how variation values must be formatted.

The two main columns that hold all variation data are:    ‘relationship’ and ‘relationship_detail_values

The ‘relationship’ column contains the relationship type, these values are either:    variation or variation _picture

The ‘relationship _detail _values column contains the values for the variation or varition picture.

NOTE: All variation values are seperated by | To obtain this character use Shift-\ ("backslash") on your keyboard.

Adding Variation values

Variation values must be formatted as:


abc-1 is a unique SKU value

12 is the quantity

8.99 is the fixed price

Size=XL is variation name and value. Additional variation Names and values must be separated by ;

For example Size=XL;Colour=Blue;Material=Cotton

Adding Variation Picture values

Variation Picture Values must be formatted as:


Colour is the variation name

Blue is the variation value 

https://url/image.jpg is the url to the image you want displayed

You can add multiple variation pictures to each variation, simply create a new row underneath with the same variation name and value but a different URL path to a different image. Remember to add the value variation_picture in the relationship column. 

Here is an example of variation csv values.

Here is an example of importing 3 variation images per variation:

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