Before you make any changes to the links used in your eBay listing you must check the hosting server is secure.

You can do this by simply trying the link in your browser. If it doesn't work for you, then it won't work for your buyers! We have had issues reported to us noting the fact that some Photobucket images stop displaying when the links get changed from HTTP:// to HTTPS://, this is something that should be checked before changing on mass (as above). If you find that your images aren't displaying after the update you should contact Photobucket. Unfortunately, if you don't host with Frooition we can't help with these images.

This image shows an unsecured link (Photobucket) in a Frooition template:

This image shows what happens to the link when tested with a SECURE HTTPS:// protocol:

These images are an example of what should be done before changing the links to secured. In this instance, you should contact the image hosting site (Photobucket) and ask them to resolve this issue. 

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