You can host your images wherever you wish, and insert them into your Frooition listing template by simply pasting in the relevant URL to the image into the 'Add Picture' area at stage 2 of the listing process.

Due to eBay's policy updateyou will need to make sure that your images are hosted on a secure server. This means that the URL will need to be HTTPS://. If the image is not secure, eBay will block it from being viewed on all sites and on all devices.


You can either use self-hosted images or Frooition hosted images, not a mix. If you use a mix of Frooition and self-hosted images the listing profile will not be accepted by eBay and will return an error message.

    1. Click 'Add images from your own hosting. Click Here'

    2. Paste secure image URL

When you have selected the images that you wish to use in the listing and clicked 'Continue' you will be sent back to 'Stage 2' to proceed with the listing description.