To be able to access the Frooition Video hosting service you will need to be on 2GB hosting, to upgrade to this level you can follow this article.

There is an article on how to upload videos, you can view that here.

Note: All images & videos must have unique titles. If you upload a duplicate, it will replace the original file.

Once you have upgraded to at least the 2GB image hosting package you will be able to follow these steps to add video to your listing.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Image hosting section of Frooition Software.

Step 2:

You will need to change the watermark (if you require a watermark) that appears on the finished video. You can do this by accessing 'Settings' and changing the 'Video Watermark Text:'.

Step 3:

When you are happy with the watermark, you will need to select the file you wish to upload. This can be done by clicking 'Upload'.

Step 4:

The file uploader will allow you to navigate your local drives to find the required file you wish to use. When you have located and selected the file you will need to confirm the selection within this pop-up.

The file size will determine how long the upload process will take, this is not a long process and you can see the progress by the green bar that will fill up as the file gets uploaded.

Step 5:

Once this pop-up has disappeared you will see a 'Transcoding' status. This means that your video is being prepared for use, as the message says, it doesn't take long. You'll need to refresh the page to check the status of transcoding.

Step 6:

All done! This is the finished view when all of these steps have been completed. If you wish to make folders as the image shows you can follow the steps here:

This video will take you through the steps laid out above in real time: