Yes, you can! We offer a recurring / auto-renew option that you can select when you purchase a subscription on a monthly period.

Here at Frooition we have 3 options for subscriptions.

  • 1 month - This is the standard subtype with no discounts - Recurring / Auto-renew is available on this sub-period
  • 6 months - You get a 5% discount on all subtypes taken with this option
  • 12 months - You get a 10% discount on all subtypes taken with this option

The subscription date will always continue from your expiry date when purchased before expiry, you will not lose any days due to early subscription purchase. 

The exemption to this rule is if you purchase a subscription after your current subscription has lapsed, your subscription will run from the date you make the payment.

We recommend that our clients log in regularly to check for Frooition updates (we have some coming in the next few months!), eBay updates, token status and new blog posts.

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact our support team via support ticket -