So you have just purchased a new Seasonal Design and now wish to add this to your listings.

How do you go about adding this?

In this tutorial, we will show you different methods of how to add it to all / specific listings.

Adding to all live listings

If you wish to add your Seasonal Design to all listings, then you may do this through Bulk Revision.
Please see below an article that will guide you through this process: 

Adding to a single live listing

If you would like to add your Seasonal Design to just one listing, or a specific set of items, you could do this directly through the Live Listing area inside of Frooition.
Below is an article which explains how you can do this: 

Creating a new item with your Seasonal Design

Finally, if you wish to list a brand new item to eBay through our listing tool, you may follow this tutorial in order to do this: