Item Specifics - Mandatory specifics in the NEW listing tool

Modified on Tue, 02 Oct 2018 at 12:55 PM

This article will help you understand the item specifics section in the new Frooition listing tool.

Item specifics are descriptions of the item that you are selling. There are mandatory fields here that require the correct data to be entered. Because eBay have moved towards a product catalogue (PBSE - Product based shopping experience) they require an item to be picked from a list. You'll need to use this catalogue if the item you are selling has been adopted, you can check that list in this article.

eBay uses a few different product identifiers, for this article we will be using EAN as our example.

1. Jump to stage 5 in the listing tool.

2. Scrolling down the page past the 'Multi Variation' section will bring you to the 'Item Specific' section. This is where you'll be able to edit or add the information that you need in order to give the most information about the product you're selling. Mandatory fields are indicated by a red asterisk *, eBay will automatically load what information it holds on the item from the product identifiers you input when creating the listing. The example here is an iPhone, you can see that the EAN number has allowed eBay to generate the correct information for many fields. You can add more information to give buyers more to go on, the more they know about the product, the more likely they are to feel confident enough to make the purchase.

3. You can change any of the fields here, as this image shows.

4. You can add specifics yourself if eBay hasn't auto-populated them for you. For this iPhone there is a 'Connectivity:' and a 'Features:' section that can have extra item specs added.

5. At the bottom of the listing, you can add your own item specific if you want. You must be careful while doing this because too much 'useless' information might hinder sales by drowning potential buyers with too much data. Once you are happy with this page you can either click 'Next' to progress to the next stage, or you can click 'Save & Quit' if you just wanted to edit an existing listing profile that you are otherwise happy with.

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