In this tutorial we will show you how to amend your live listings item specifics.

eBay are currently making many more item specifics mandatory for live listings, therefore, we have created a tool that will allow you to see which items need updating, in order to stay compliant.

Firstly, you will see a new tab in the left hand-side navigational menu, this is called "Item Specifics"

Please give this a click.

You should now see some items that require updating, if you see none in this area then that's good news! You are all up to date.

If however, you do need to update some, click on the Edit button next to the item.

You will then be brought to the live edit page, click "Edit" inside the item specifics area.

A popup will appear where it outlines what must be filled in. Anything with a red asterisk is a MUST.

Anything with an orange warning symbol is not mandatory, but is a good idea to fill in, in order to give your customers more information in regards to your product.

Once you have filled this in, scroll down and click "Save"

Then click "Revise Listing"

Do this for each listing that displays in the item specifics tool.