This article will explain how to create additional users within the Frooition software.

Only Primary Account holders can create, edit and remove additional users. 

    1.  Click Account > Profile on the top ribbon.

    2.  Click on the Additional Users tab.

    3. Click the Add button.

    4. Fill in all the fields, be sure to add both an email address and phone number. This will help if we need to contact the new user in regards to password resets, token expiry issues or payment renewals.

   4a. The Access switches are: 

        Account - This section will allow the user access to the billing and payment section, this is only required if the user will be handling Frooition billing and subscriptions.

        eBay This is required for every user that wants to list to eBay or use the general Frooition features, such as Bulk apply or Cross-promotion for example.

        Images This will allow the user to upload, delete and manage images in the Frooition software.

        Help This is needed if you want the new user to be able to open new support tickets or contact support.

        Project ManagerThis is required if the user needs to contact the designers at any point during the design phase. For existing up and running Frooition accounts, this isn't required.

    5. Click Add, the new user is good to go!

If you have any issues following these steps or something didn't work as expected, please contact support through the ticket system in the client Help section of the software.

If you have already set up users and want to know how to edit them, click here.