Boost Analytics Overview – Getting Started Guide

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb 2024 at 12:31 PM

Our Boost Analytics software is really easy to use, you just need to familiarize yourself with the different Tabs/Tools within Boost.

When you log into your account you will see in the left-hand menu the Boost Analytics Section, where you will see the following options.

To get started click Optimise Listings, you will then see the page view below


On this page you will see information about your account, your account status is shown in the top right-hand corner along with your next payment date and amount.

There is no hard fast rule in which order to work your way through the different sections, it’s really up to you!  

Below is a quick explanation of what each of the Tabs do, we also have in-depth walk-throughs and video guides for each of the sections.


Simply select one of the items shown and click Boost Visibility. We will then guide you through each section of the listing prompting you to optimise areas such as the Title, Category, and Item Specifics, which will increase your overall search visibility within eBay.  

You can also use our Bulk Fix tool to quickly optimize your listings by category.

You then just revise the item and use the Track Optimised Listings area to see the amazing impact your optimisation has had.  Watch your impressions, click-through rates, views and sales grow as we display the results before and after optimisation.


Items shown in this area are getting good search slot impressions but not selling as well as they could. With a few tweaks, these items could get increased page views and sales conversions. In this section, you can amend shipping cost/time, add more images, and amend description or price.  Choose your item then click the Boost Sales to read our detailed report and apply the recommended fixes.


Items shown here have been listed for over 3 weeks and have no sales history. The longer they remain on eBay in this status eBay see the quality of the listing as poor leading to lower search results. eBay recommend ending and re-listing these items to improve visibility.  Chances are if you just do that you will end up with the same results again.  Instead use our Relist your item, by doing this you will be optimising the item before you relist it, leading to improved impressions and views which ultimately will result in more sales.


Here we show you items that you have previously sold and historically have had high impressions. Based on eBays buyer demand data we can see that customers are still searching for these items. You can easily download the CSV to give you the full item list.   If you can source more stock get these items back on eBay, quick wins quick sales!


eBay have flagged all the items in this section as non-compliant.  They could be missing required or recommended item specifics. Click Fix compliance issues where we will highlight the fields within the item specifics area that need to be populated to fix the issue. You can also use the Bulk Fix tool to fix one category at a time.


We analyse your data and show which listings are underperforming and why.  You will notice that all your listings are given a grade ‘A-E’ this area will help you get a quick overview of your current performance.


For every item that you have revised using the Boost Tools, you will see detailed tracking of their results pre and post optimisation.  See increases in impressions, views, and sales. Results can be filtered by category, optimised type, impressions, views etc. You can also choose to Re-Optimise a listing from within this area.

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