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Check out our useful video guides to help Boost your visibility and search results on eBay.

These items have low impressions!

The items displayed fall under your average search slot impression. They are not being found on eBay through searches. 


Boosting the visibility of these items will increase the chance of them being found in eBay searches. 


You will see a product card for each listing


 A screenshot of a clothing item

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Each listing will have a grade A-E this will give you an indication of the quality of the listing. If you wish you can click on the title and that will open the live listing for you to view in eBay. We also show current performance with regard to search results, page views and sales conversions.


To get started you simply need to click Boost Visibility. We will then guide you through the optimisation process.




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The first 5 keywords within an item title are the most important, it’s what the eBay search algorithm references most! So, you may just need to re-order the keywords within this section.  You can also use the Keyword Finder. Just enter your word and it will give you other suggestions associated with that item along with a rating, to give you some idea of how popular that word is in search results. As you complete each section of the optimisation process click Next at the bottom of the page, this will save your changes. 


If you have an anchor store you can add a second category for free.

As shown below you will see if your item is in the correct category.

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This is the most important area when it comes to optimising your listing.  The item specifics you will see are set by and pulled in from eBay.   Each category has a different set of item specifics.  You may find that not all the item specifics are relevant to the product you are selling.   In this area focus on the ones with the red rocket symbol as they are the top-rated searches, you will see how many times that particular item specific has been searched. 


A screenshot of a computer screen

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This item is currently missing out on 862k searches (over the last 30 days) due to missing item specifics. 

This area shows the ones you need to focus on, e.g. just by adding the material type you will have increased your search results by 140,284.

As you fill in these missing fields you will see your percentage score increase as you widen the search.

A blue and white diagram

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The more information you can fill in within this section the better the quality of your listing. This will result in bigger impressions, better click-through rates and converting these listings into sales and transactions.


Once you have made the necessary amendments to the Title, Category and Item Specifics click the Revise tab.   This will revise your live item on eBay, your listing will then be given a new score depending on how well your listing has been optimised.   


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Bulk Fix

One of the most popular features within Boost is the ability to Bulk Fix your items by category.  


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Select your category by searching from the dropdown (if you start typing the category it will filter the results down for you). 

Once you have selected click the Bulk fix item specifics 

You can then bulk-fix your item specifics, we have already removed any listings that cannot be revised (such as auction listings with a current bid)

The items specifics within this category have been ordered by the number of searches. 

A screen shot of a computer

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We show which are required, recommended and optional.

Tick the items you wish to optimise.

A screenshot of a clothing store

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You can then quickly amend the Title and the item specifics. You will notice that the item specifics have been ordered by the highest number of searches.  

Work your way through the different items specifics, if the word you have entered for a particular field is relevant to the item below you can quickly use the copy and paste feature to populate that section. 

A screenshot of a computer

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This enables you to quickly edit items within each category. Once you have completed the changes click Revise Listings at the bottom of the page. Your revisions will be added to the queue to be run, and you will be notified when this has been completed. This will leave you free to carry on Optimising, simply select another category to continue.

Track Optimised Listings

Once your item has been revised it will start to be tracked where you can check the progress of the item pre and post-optimisation.

You can access your tracking by selecting from the left-hand side menu, Tracked Analysis

A screenshot of a blue screen

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Or from within the optimise listing page 


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