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The items shown in this area are in popular selling categories but fall below your current averages.  These items are getting good impressions and views but are not converting into sales. Use Boost sales to Improve the description, amend shipping cost/time, add more images, and check your price is competitive. 

To get started select one of the items and click Boost Sales,

At the top of the page, you can select Full item report

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This will give you an in-depth view of the listing, as shown below. 

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To start the optimisation process click Fix Issues.

We have highlighted the areas you need to focus on, starting with Description. 


Your description needs to be informative.  Start with the most useful information at the top.  It’s best to use short paragraphs and sentences.  Lists can be helpful, and a clear streamlined layout is important.   As you complete each section of the optimisation process click Next at the bottom of the page, this will save your changes. 



Next, look at your Images.  It’s best to use white backgrounds and avoid using props.  Focus on the item being sold and make sure the item fills the frame. You can also try re-ordering the images, move your images around easily using our drag and drop feature. 


The next tab is Design, make sure you are using your Custom Template design on your listings.  Having the design will not only make your listing look more professional it will increase buyer confidence.  The design element will also have cross-promotion, which will help with customer retention on your store.


In this area, you will see the format you have chosen, ie fixed, and the duration of the listing. Next you will see your current price and it is here you can click price check.

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If you click Search eBay you will see at a quick glance how you compare showing your price, average, lowest and highest prices of the same or similar items within that category.

A screenshot of a price comparison

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This is a great feature within the Boost software and will help you to remain competitive by ensuring your prices are within the suggested range. 


Once you have made recommended amendments to your listings click the Revise tab. This will revise your live item on eBay, your listing will then be given a new score depending on how well your listing has been optimised.   

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Track Optimised Listings

Once your item has been revised it will start to be tracked where you can check the progress of the item pre and post optimisation.  

You can access your tracking by selecting from the left-hand side menu, Tracked Analysis

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Or from within the optimise listing page 

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