In this article, we will cover how to import your live eBay items directly into BigCommerce. With our eBay listing software you can easily search for your eBay Live Listings and import them directly into your BigCommerce store hassle free. 

Important - Before you start

In order for our Listing Software to connect to your BigCommerce store you must provide us with your BigCommerce API parameters. From within your BigCommerce dashboard you must create an API Account. Simply login to BigCommerce, select Advance Settings->Api Accounts and then click Create API Account. When you create a new API Account you must specify Modify for the OAuth Scopes API resources and permissions for both Content and Products, then click save.

You can find more here:

When you save an API Account you will obtain the API Parameters, these parameters must be entered in the Frooition BigCommerce Settings page.

1. From the Frooition top Menu Bar select eBay->Settings

2. Select Connect to BigCommerce tab. 

3. Enter the appropriate parameters in the input boxes and press save. 

4. Your BigCommerce Categories will be displayed.

5. You must then map your BigCommerce Categories to the appropriate eBay Categories.

6. You can also map BigCommerce product conditions to the eBay item conditions. 

Importing you eBay Live Listings into BigCommerce

To Import your Live eBay Lisiting into BigCommerce follow these steps:

1. From the top Menu Bar select eBay->Listings

2. Select Import from the navigation list at the top of the lisitings page.

3. Select the Import Method as eBay Direct 

4. Your eBay Live Listings will be displayed, upto a maximum of 100 can be displayed at anytime.

6. You can search your live eBay listings by selecting the Search Options. 

5. Tick the the live listings that you would like to import into BigCommerce.

6. Select Actions->Import into BigCommerce

7. A pop-up box will open, select if you would like to update exisiting listing profiles, then click import.

8. Your live listing will be imported into your BigCommerce. The import will include all your listing data, images, variations and categories.